New to Nude

Naturism and you

This is the largest section, but many people think it's also the most important, because it tries to answer some of the worries people have before they go naked in public for the first time.

With my figure, how can I go nude?

Easily! You will find that people are far less aware of your shape than you are. Naturists tend to be more aware of people for what they are than for what they look like.

By the way, the photographs on this site are of models who have particular skills in front of a camera lens - although they're comfortable with nudity, they're not Torbay SunClub members - yet!

What if I meet someone I know?

That's brilliant; you've just found a shared interest that you didn't know you had!  They're there for the same reason that you are and they'll be really pleased to see you.

My other half isn't interested in naturism but I would like to come along.  Is that O.K.?

This is probably the most commonly asked question of all.  Yes it is O.K. but, for any visitor, it's subject to a maximum of two visits in any year.

We try to keep the genders in balance and we would very much prefer that you show this page to your partner and see if you can put his or her concerns to rest.  It might well be something new that you can enjoy together.

I've never gone nude before; how do I start?

This is probably the second most common question.  Take your clothes off!  Try it at home first and get used to the feeling and freedom of being naked - it's not that different from having a bath or shower.

The worst part about taking your clothes off for the first time in public is thinking about it.  Most people find that, once they have done it, it was easy and there was nothing to worry about.

Will I be the only woman among a lot of men?

No, we aim to keep the Club roughly gender balanced.

I'm shy about going nude, can I wear a swimsuit to start with, or at least keep a bikini bottom on?

That really is the way to look conspicuous in a naturist environment!  Apart from at a very small number of social evenings, all Torbay Sun Club indoor events are naturist and we don't allow swimwear. In the long run that makes it easier for you - if you start nude, it won't be an 'event' when you get rid of that cossie.

Can children wear their bathers?

No, not at our events. Children take to naturism very easily and, if naturism is new to you and your family, explain to them before you leave home what you are going to be trying - and then enjoy it together.

Aren't children at risk amongst naturists?

No, they're probably safer than elsewhere.  Like many other naturist groups, in the Torbay Sun Club we take the safety and well-being of our young people very seriously and we have two members serving as Child Protection Officers who have been carefully chosen for their skills and experience with children and child safety, and checked by the Criminal Records Bureau .

Will other people know that I come to your events?

No, not unless you tell them.  Membership of the Torbay Sun Club and attendance at our events is strictly confidential and we would only disclose your name and address under these extreme circumstances:

Do I need to shave off or trim my pubic hair?

No.  Some people do and others don't - it's entirely a matter of personal choice.

I am a male and I'm worried about - you know - getting excited if an attractive lady walks past.

Because naturism isn't a sexual experience, you're no more likely to get an erection at a Club event than when you have a bath or shower. That lady will actually look far more provocative in a skimpy bikini or G-string - unclothed, she will still look attractive but just natural.

You haven't answered the question I really wanted to ask.

Sorry, that's because we didn't think of it.  Please contact us and we'll have a go - the only silly question is the one which isn't asked!


Go on, give it a try!