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Why Naturism

What's the point? Here are some answers.

Why do people go into naturism?

The reasons vary. Often, it's for freedom and the shedding of the pressures of life with the clothes. For many of us, naturism extends to the home; nudity helps us to unwind - that may sound bizarre but just try it. Taking off clothes has a way of removing social barriers too.

What is the difference between naturists and nudists?

None really. In America, the term nudist is universal but in the UK, some people use nudism to describe rather more extrovert nude behaviour. That's an arbitrary distinction.

Beware, you can sometimes see adverts for nudism linked with various occult practices. This isn't naturism / nudism, it's an occult practice which takes place in the nude.

What sort of people are naturists?

Absolutely anyone who wants to be. Naturism is a great leveller and, without their clothes on it's very difficult indeed to work out what people do for a job or a hobby!

Are Clubs the only places you can go nude?

No. This site exists to tell you about the Torbay Sun Club, but of course naturism isn't restricted to clubs and there are beaches and open spaces which are well used by naturists too - and you can go nude in your own home.

You haven't answered the question I really wanted to ask.

Sorry, that's because we didn't think of it.  Please contact us and we'll have a go - the only silly question is the one which isn't asked!


Go on, give it a try!